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Chapter 1
2nd of Seeding,
Year 22, Third Age

It was near midday in Rigel, the Sun was mirrored of Blackrose Bay, a light breeze played in the trees, ships in port swayed in the soft current; as Daniel was having lunch, on a waterside table. The waitress, a young Ulfr girl, named Isabella, she had deep black hair with white tipped ears and an equally colored tail, which fell from under her skirt. She had deep red eyes and her smile showed her fangs, the waitress attire was simple, a white buttoned downed shirt and a deep blue skirt.

She had met Daniel many years ago when she was still a cub (given the mixed nature of the Ulfr’s, they are human-like, except for the ears, denture and the tail) in Chanterrelle. When Isabella had a chance for a break, she sat down with Daniel. “What brings you here?” Isabella asked, she let her hair loose and her ears popped up from under her braided hair. “Well, I am having lunch.” Daniel replied quickly, as he looked down to his meatloaf then looking back at Isabella. “I thought you had a reason! You barely even visit me!” Isabella said, she was a bit offended, Daniel had not come to Rigel for many days. “If I came every day, it would be boring.” Daniel explained.
As an awkward silence fell, Daniel kept on eating, while Isabella sat, her ears would follow distant noises from time to time. She then crossed her arms over the guardrail and stared at the bay. “Can we go to Chanterrelle?” she asked. “Wh-What?” Daniel stuttered. “I-I don’t remember much of it, and I want to see it, not in pictures like before.” she said timidly. “Where is this coming from?” Daniel asked, he had brought Isabella from Chanterrelle when she was still a pup and raised her on his own (not an easy task), he had sworn never to never leave the Solaria System, unless it was a last resort.
“Well, heard on the news that the 22nd anniversary of the Orphan War was to be held in Chanterrelle, Aurelia System in a few weeks, and you told me that is my home planet, so I want to go.” She said. Daniel realized that she was not going to change her mind. “There are some things I must attend to first, get your things ready and then come to my house.” He said after taking a deep breath.
There are some things that are forgotten, untold, happening behind the stage, things that the puppet master does not what people to see. This was one of them, the War that settled the Second Age, commonly referred to as the “Orphan War” called so, given that most of the casualties were parents, not the children who were killed. The purpose, of course, hidden from reality, only few know the real reasons, only a handful of those remain, scattered in the Universe, forgotten, for the puppet master needs not for them to speak.
The Tale of Spring
this is an idea that I got in 2012 and until a few days back I laid (lied?) out everything. so yeah, I used three entire legal pads (yellow paper is cool) La la la la 
so tell me what you think, sorry if there any miss spells, short on time, and most names are made up on the spot Explode la plz 
So, after I really long time (July 2013, at 0130, GMT-6) I have really moved on with my series of book I was going to write, I was going to do it in a medieval universe, but I bummed out. So, I have decided for a futuristic version full of well, everything, planets, aliens and satire to social discrepancies (did I write that correctly, my spell check is acting funny) (not anymore I click the right thingy 

 :la: choir  there are so many! Explode la plz  there is even a pirate! la-buccaneer-1  (I am enjoying this way to much)
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